Dropping out of current university for CC?

<p>Hi all, I just wanted some of your opinions...</p>

<p>I'm about to enter my senior year at UC Merced but I'm really tempted to just drop out to attend CC so that I can transfer and finish my degree in business/management at a more prestigious and supportive school. By staying at UC Merced i constantly feel like I'm making a stupid and risky bet on my future... It's the most frustrating thing ever, since I ended up at this school because I messed up my senior year of high school. Before college I was a top student, and was accepted to schools like UCI, UCD, UCSD, Cal, etc. so I feel like i could be somewhere better than here. Another concern is that my GPA here isn't all that great either, and that I'm about to become a senior... Somebody help? (other than suggesting that I follow through with UCM and just raise my GPA, since that is what i'm trying to do already)</p>

<p>You are too late. If you are entering your senior year at UCM, that means you have completed too many units to transfer. Most universities (if not all) require you transfer with junior standing (some allow you to enter as fresh and soph). Even if you drop out of UCM and go the CC path, your 4-year credits will follow you anywhere you go. UCs have a policy where they won’t accept students who have more than 120 quarter/80 semester.</p>

<p>So literally your best bet is to stay at UCM, try to get some experience with internships or research, and then try to get into a good grad school.</p>