drug culture at tulane?

<p>I've heard from a friend who lives in New Orleans that all of the Tulane students do some kind of drug. I know that is a generalization, but for someone like myself who doesn't do drugs, would I feel uncomfortable?</p>

<p>I think all college students do some sort of drug. Not just Tulane students. However, Tulane does have a reputation of being the "druggie" school, while LSU (Louisiana State) has the rep. of being a school of alcoholics.
I live in New Orleans and refusing drugs hasn't really been that big of a deal. Most people smoke marijuana and it's rather harmless in my opinion.<br>
I'd be more worried about alcohol than I would be about weed. </p>

<p>I don't do drugs or drink. Many people have offered drugs/alcohol and I simply refused. It's not uncomfortable to refuse or anything. Just hang out with a drug/alcohol free crowd. Believe it or not, they still exist!</p>

<p>greentshirt - you rather contradicted yourself, starting out with "I think all college students do some sort of drug" and ending with "Just hang out with a drug/alcohol free crowd. Believe it or not, they still exist!". There are indeed many at Tulane that don't do any illegal drugs or drink, and many more that don't do illegal drugs and only drink in moderation. Of course there are many who smoke marijuana and some percentage on harder drugs, but from what I hear, while it is fairly common it is hardly pervasive.</p>

<p>I imagine like a lot of these kinds of things, the ones not partaking are quieter and more in the background, and so it seems like "everyone does it". My D has had no trouble hanging with a drug-free crowd, as you confirm. It's a choice, essentially, and all options are available and absolutely fine. kat, you will have no trouble in this regard I am sure.</p>

<p>I don't do drugs, but quite a few of my friends enjoy "brownies" and smoking pot. It's really not a big deal. I just choose not to be around them when they are using substances that I don't feel comfortable with (which is only like 1-2X/month, anyway).</p>

<p>yeah, a lot of people smoke weed, it's not hard to find cocaine users either, and of course alcohol flows like water throughout the year. But you'll only be around it if you seek it out, really.</p>

<p>I agree with Tulane14. I don't do drugs, with the exception of alcohol, but know of many people who do. I don't think that it's so prevalant that you would feel uncomfortable. </p>

<p>However, if you're planning on joining a sorority, be aware that some are more into drugs than others.</p>

<p>I asked S2 about this awhile ago, and what he said matches earlier posts about availability, but no real pressure to join in. He did say, however, that the greater use was stimulant drugs such as those prescribed for ADHD. Kids with prescriptions sell them to other kids who use them to study and sometimes for recreation. He said this was very common in the dorms.</p>

<p>just finished freshman year. drugs are everywhere on campus, if u want them. if ur not into em, it wont matter. the people using aren't trying to advertise their use but i will say i've smelt joints being smoked in front of the LBC more times than i'd have expected and sunday afternoons in Audubon are like a portal to Amsterdam</p>

<p>id actually say that compared to a lot of schools my friends are at tulane isnt horrible with drugs. when you go to school in such an exciting city there's no need to use substances for entertainment as tends to happen in schools located in the middle of nowhere. they're there if you want them and if you don't (like me and some of my friends who all still go out) it's really not a big deal</p>

<p>I actually disagree with a lot of the earlier posters and second Californication9's point. To be honest, compared to what my friends from schools ranging from the University of Chicago to little midwestern LACs, Tulane is really not on the map for drug use. </p>

<p>Let's be real. A fair number of college kids have smoked pot or will do so on a regular basis, and that's pretty much true anywhere. At least from my two years of experience at Tulane, saying "most" do is a pretty big leap. If nothing else, no one is going to pressure you to smoke. It's not something in the mainstream like going to bars, for instance. </p>

<p>Anyway, if that's not your gig, don't sweat it.</p>