Drugs on Campus?

<p>I was speaking to a friend of mine about my college options, and she mentioned that she had heard Binghamton has a lot of drug use. Can anyone tell me about how large the drug scene is and how the attitude is towards students who abstain from drug use?</p>

<p>weed is huge on campus but it isn't a big deal if you don't do it. Just don't walk around thinking you are so righteous because you're sober because everyone will hate you for it.</p>

<p>"weed is huge on campus".....</p>

<p>some things never change............40 years later......</p>

<p>"weed is huge on campus"</p>

<p>Not necessarily a bad thing at all...</p>

<p>^That's about the extent of the "drug culture." There may be some harder drugs, but it isn't at all popular or widely done. </p>

<p>Alcohol is also big, but I don't think this is what you meant.</p>

<p>I don't drink or do drugs and no one cares. This school isn't judgmental at all, and if you happen across someone who is, the school is also large enough for you to find other friends.</p>

<p>I would hardly say that the Binghamton drug scene is "huge." My cousin goes here and sure, there is some marijuana use, but no more than at any other college. The same goes for other substances. What's nice is that one of the dorm complexes, College-In-the-Woods, is classified as "chemical free," meaning drugs and alcohol are not allowed. Watch out though, because if you plan to attend Binghamton and fill out the dorm registration form online, if you check the chemical free box, you will automatically be choosing College-In-the-Woods as your first choice. Your best bet is to research the different dorms and just rank them as most kids do. Also, everyone at Binghamton is nice and accepting, so there are plenty of students who will be against drugs. Best of luck!</p>

<p>How exactly is chemical free enforced? Obviously drugs aren't allowed anywhere on campus.</p>

if you check the chemical free box, you will automatically be choosing College-In-the-Woods as your first choice.


<p>i don't believe this is true. i believe each of the communities have chemical free housing available, as well as mostly non chemical free housing - Binghamton</a> University - Residential Life click on any of the communities, in the box to the right they all say chem free option available.</p>

<p>my understanding is that if you sign up for chem free and violate it you can lose your housing. there is really no reason to sign up for it if you don't plan to live chem free.</p>

<p>A note about Chem-Free:</p>

<p>Every community has a chem-free floor which requires the resident to sign a contract that forces abstention from all substances on OR off campus. Be aware that some choose this option to avoid temptation and others choose it to avoid drunken roommates. If you are caught, you can loose your housing (at least on that floor- they may force you to move to a non-chem free room or they may kick you out all together). </p>

<p>I agree with iamhere- don't sign up unless you intend to follow it.</p>