Drumroll begins! It is now 3 A.M. - 12 more hours, people!

<p>Good luck to everyone who applied!
I am really praying to get into UCSB, it's definitely one of my top choices.</p>

<p>As of right now, I am...
Accepted - UCM, UCR, UCSC, UCD
Denied - UCSD :(
Haven't Heard - UCLA, UCB, UCI, UCSB</p>

<p>And since I highly doubt my chances of UCLA, UCB because of my UCSD rejection, and since I haven't heard from UCI yet...UCSB's decision is very crucial, because UCD really isn't a proper fit for me.</p>

<p>=/ We're on the same boat.. except I also applied out of state to three other schools.</p>

<p>I'm dying to know if I'm in. Seriously praying that I am!
Good luck to you!</p>