<p>is northeasern a relativly dry campus, or does pretty much everyone get their drink on?</p>

<p>NEU definitely does not have a big party scence like a lot of state schools (eg. Zoomass) but since it is in the middle of a large city, there will be some drinking if you look in the right places. </p>

<p>I spoke with my orientation leader and she said that Mon-Thurs are usually very quiet but the weekends are very different. It all depends on who you surround yourself with. </p>

<p>Also, the admins made a big speech about the consequences of drinking during orientation, but they seem to understand that it's inevitable and try to persuade "safe use".</p>

<p>there definitely is drinking, just like at any college. </p>

<p>You probably shouldn't drink at orientation though, because I've heard that if you get caught, you are technically not enrolled yet, and could have your acceptance rescinded.</p>

<p>Drinking is absolutely forbidden at orientation, and if you are caught drinking, smoking, or doing anything else they tell you not to, you can and will be removed from enrollment. People have been students for less than an hour before being expelled.</p>

<p>Northeastern dry? Now that is funny.
Pay attention to what neuchimie says about orientation though.</p>

<p>i hear alot about "being smart" but what exactly does that mean ?</p>

i hear alot about "being smart" but what exactly does that mean ?


<p>Just don't get out of control/act belligerent in front of RAs when partying in dorms. It depend on where you live too, some RAs are stricter than others, and some rooms are further from RA offices and dorm rooms. Usually they'll just ask you to quiet down, but if you're being particularly obvious about drinking, or if you've already been warned, you might get written up.</p>

<p>Parties off-campus get busted by the cops pretty often, but they almost always just break up the party and you can leave without any problems. Either way, NEU is definitely not dry and there are plenty of parties going on every thursday-saturday.</p>

<p>Also ditto to no alcohol during orientation.</p>

<p>The most obvious thing about parties that people for some reason take ages to realize is the music. Either lower the music or don't have it at all, and typically it won't be that bad (so long as no one is yelling or anything). But if you have music blasting while the RA is doing rounds, they WILL knock on your door.</p>