DS looking for a part time job

<p>Does anyone know of available part time jobs on or near campus. One of my son's needs at least 15 hours a week to cover his Fraternity expenses. He worked at a book store all through January and is working at Jimmy John's on the strip. The draw back is, they only have a Sat. night grave yard shift (midnight to 5AM----yes! I typed that correctly). Being low man on the totem pole stinks! I REALLY don't want him delivering pizzas and sandwiches in our car. I have already spoke to our insurance company to verify coverage concerns. He was told the money/tips are about $200 a night but we don't need the stress or ware & tear on a 2010 Leased Malibu. Please send me specific leads in a private message. </p>

<p>He is available any night and all day Saturday and Sunday. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Has he looked into on campus tutoring? If not, he should. </p>

<p>I know that when I was in T-town last weekend I saw a help wanted sign on one of the places we went...I'm racking my brain to remember where it was. :(</p>

<p>Has he looked around Downtown...that's where we spent a good bit of time....so likely the sign was in that area.</p>

<p>Are any of the damaged businesses reopening soon? If so, they might be hiring.</p>

<p>I don't have any specific leads, but the student jobs board at jobs.ua.edu is also a resource to keep on hand.</p>

<p>He could always try Publix and Waffle House, along with any other chain stores/restaurants. On campus, it will be hard for a freshman to find a job without Work Study, especially since it's late in the year. </p>

<p>As for a Sunday morning Midnight to 5am shift, that can be one of the best times to work, though it will conflict with a lot of parties.</p>

<p>When your son pledged, he did so with the knowledge that he would have to work to pay his fraternity dues. That requires sacrificing free time and possibly some other luxuries. Is there any way he can further cut his costs so he doesn't need to have a 15 hour per week job?</p>

<p>He has filled out lots of apps since he returned in January. He has applied for Math tutoring way back in December, He applied to the new Waffle House on the strip but tonight he said it looks like they already hired the crew they wanted since they are now open. I encouraged him to return and ask again. Many times new crew find out that it is not going to work out as they thought it would. He checks the UA job board. </p>

<p>He has cut all the expenses he can. From one parent to another, this is more a lesson in being responsible and time management. Some learn the hard way. </p>

<p>Keep the ideas coming. Again, thanks!</p>

<p>Re: math tutoring....</p>

<p>Have him send an email directly to Anthony Winston. Anthony often forgets to check what has come in with the online app. In the email, have your son mention that he's already submitted the app and would like an interview to be a math tutor. if he can also tutor something else as well, that would be great. My son tutors math, bio, chem, and Spanish there. </p>

<p>To avoid some of this need to work so many hours in the future, can he work a ton of hours in the summer and then have that available for frat use?</p>

<p>If he ends up in a desperate situation, he might consider taking out a student loan, and then working over the summer and quickly paying it back to avoid paying much interest. A student loan could be processed rather quickly if he doesn't have one already.</p>