DU EA Notification Date

Does anyone know when notifications will be sent out for EA?

Also my portal changed

Someone posted a couple days ago that EA notifications would be sent tonight

yeah I saw that but they didn’t give any info how they knew and I wanted to see if anybody could corroborate.

How did the portal change?

@Hagiograph The list of things I sent in changed. Now it only has my test scores have been received.

Someone said tonight 7pm via email and portal (I think they had talked to Admissions last week).
Does that mean mountain time?

I also wondered if it was 7pm Mountain time. That would 8 for me in New Orleans.

It was me that said tonight. I didn’t think that I would have to prove how I learned of that. (I bet you are hard on a magician’s secrets too) :slight_smile:
Maybe I heard wrong, but a viable source told me when I inquired.

My daughter’s portal shows everything as received and has not changed.
As a side note, this is the only school where I have access to the portal as they are they are the only one so far that has asked for tax returns/W-2 etc in addition to CSS and FAFSA.

Same here @JBSeattle - and thanks @iflylow789456
Really hope we hear tonight! Good luck everyone!

CHECK your portal!!!

Just got accepted EA!

My son got accepted!
24k + 3k Chancellors scholarship!