Dual BA sciences po- columbia

Hello everyone! Congratulations on your admissions! I’m a French student and consider applying for the dual BA. I wanted to know if we had a chance to get into a campus though we don’t come from the area of focus. For instance, I want to apply for Reims (EURAM) but I am not American nor Canadian. What kind of interests could I develop for these countries? Also, what were your extracurriculars? Many thanks!

Hello! I have been accepted to the Dual BA (Reims Campus) this year, though I’m from Russia. It’s definitely not a problem, we have a few people from France, Germany on euram track. I can’t say that my “motivation essay” included vast explanation of my interest to the region, however it’s essential to mention it (and TO BE interested, because you’ll have some courses dedicated to the euram region, in case you are admitted, so it’s better to be at least aware of some general trends etc.). I reckon you should just follow the news and improve your knowledge of the main institutes, IGOs, processes that are typical for the Transatlantic region. So no worries!!
Talking about the extracurriculars, most of my classmates took part in UN models (but I didn’t have any experience specifically connected with the euram region).

Thank you very much for your nice answer! All the best for next year :wink: