Dual Degree Engineering Program at Towson

<p>Hello, I am considering going to Towson University and doing the Dual Degree Engineering Program. I was thinking I would major in either General or Astro physics and then pick up a bachelors at UMD in Aerospace engineering.</p>

<p>What do you guys think? Good plan, or would I be better off just going to UMD and either dual majoring or just getting an Aerospace engineering degree?</p>

<p>Pick one engineering degree you are interested in from the best school you want to go to. Everything beyond that is almost a waste of time (unless you're really interested).</p>

<p>Just go to UMD (preferably UMCP) and do engineering. Its a better school overall and you'll learn all the physics you'll really need to learn unless you plan to be a physicist.</p>

<p>^ what he/she said.</p>