Dual degree in Arch and Civil Eng

<p>I was doing college researching and came across Texas Tech and I saw that they offer a 5 year dual degree in BS arch and BS civil. it sounds to me just too good to be true. then i became interested in the program and start looking into it further because frankly TTU is too far away from home for me.
CUA has the same thing and so does many others, but CUA sounds best to me
Im really interested in arch and Ive always known that I want to do arch. but then bc of the wages and salary for the first few years just turned me off a little. im also interested in physics and math and have also considered eng as well. I wanted to go to Cooper but then I can only major in one thing, and with the ridiculous acceptance rate I dont think i can make it
frankly i'd be happy doing either one of those, but i still like arch a bit more
so what do you think about that dual degree program, and how is it compared to architecture engineering. or do you have any advice what I should do</p>

<p>I have answered this a few times, and you can find the full discussions with the search button, but the short answer is 'don't do it'.</p>


<p>That sounds like alot of blood tears and swet
But Interesting !</p>