Dual Degree in Wharton and CAS

<p>So I'm applying to Wharton. If in the very small chance that I do get in, I am kind of interested in going for a dual degree between Wharton and CAS (probably Bio or Biochem something like that). I understand that this is possible and relatively easy to get into. However, my question is how hard is it to complete the dual degree? It says that you have to complete the gen-ed requirements for both Wharton and CAS. How much do these differ? </p>

<p>While the dual degree is possible to do, how feasible is it to complete it?</p>

<p>Dear Apriori</p>

<p>Please apply to Huntsman and not Vagelos</p>


<p>I was planning on doing dual degree myself (if I got in that is). I've heard it can sometimes take 5 years to complete a dual degree, but apparently if you have some AP credit, and you take a few more classes than your peers may, you may have a shot at completing it in 4. You probably won't have as much freedom to dabble in areas that might interest you with classes as you'll be focusing on completing those requirements. What I want to know is, how much of a benefit is having a dual degree, because I don't like the thought of "limiting" myself and focusing down on the classes just for my major.</p>