Dual Enrollment: Chem 100 or Chem 101?

I am currently a junior in high school who is looking to take chemistry at my local community college. However, I do not know if I should take Chem 100 or Chem 101. I have not yet taken a chemistry class, as I plan to have this be my chemistry credit for high school. In 9th grade I took Physical Science, and I was okay at it (got an A but with some difficulty). Is Chem 100 easier than Chem 101? Would Chem 100 be rigorous enough to count as a high school credit or would I be better off taking Chem 101? Any advice is appreciated.

What is the description for each course?

Are both transferable? Which course does your guidance counselor recommend?

It is hard for others to help you without rdescribing the courses and their prerequisites.

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry that my initial reply was so vague and unhelpful. These are the given descriptions:

CHEM 100 DESCRIPTION: “Explores important concepts of modern chemistry. Emphasizes connection between basic scientific principles and the current technologies of our society. Laboratory experiments illustrate the process of scientific discovery. No background in science is required. Intended for non-science majors. Will not serve as a prerequisite for CHEM 102, CHEM 201, or advanced science courses. Meets the requirement for a general education science lab course.”

CHEM 101 DESCRIPTION: “Examines the concepts underlying modem chemistry including atomic and molecular structure, bonding, states of matter, and solutions. Intended for science majors, technology majors (STEM), and pre-allied health major. Laboratory experiments illustrate the lecture material. Meets the requirement for a general education science lab course.”

As for the prerequisites, their prerequisites are very similar, and I qualify to take both classes.

I currently do not know what I want to major in. I also do not have a high school guidance counselor because I am under a home-school umbrella.

Thank you for your time, I hope this follow up response is helpful.

Since you are not set on any major, I would take Chem 101. This course will cover you for both STEM and non-STEM major requirements.

If you decide to take Chem 102 later, then Chem 101 will be the required pre-req while Chem 100 will not.

Just remember any college course will have to reported if you plan on going to graduate school or Professional school like Medical school, Dental school etc…

You will want to strive for an A in this class.

Based on the course descriptions…

If you were in a regular high school that offered you a choice between regular high school chemistry and AP chemistry, which would you take?

If you would take regular high school chemistry, choose 100.

If you would take AP chemistry, choose 101.

As noted above, any college course and grade will be included for the following purposes:

  • Applying as a frosh to college.
  • Applying to transfer to another college.
  • Applying to graduate or professional school.

Do you any idea of a general direction for college studies, if not a specific major? If your interests lie in the sciences/STEM areas, 101 would be best. If you’re just looking to check off a science to get it out of the way and never have to look at it again, 100 would be a good choice.

If it’s a toss-up, I’d suggest 101 as a more rigorous and valuable choice, with more future options.

Since you’ve never taken chemistry, take Chem 100.
Chem 101 is like AP chem and AP chem usually assumes some basic understanding of chemistry. In addition chemistry for stem majors trends to be a weed out course, one you dont want to get into without a background in the subject.
In high school, students would take honors chem them ap chem. The equivalent at your college would be chem 100 then 101, and if you were to major in STEM, 102.

Why not take regular Chem or honors chem at your HS?