Dual enrollment opportunities?

Hi! I’m a rising 9th grader, in the SF Bay Area; I love challenging myself and enjoy taking difficult classes online. (took the AP Calc BC test this year, and taking AP Gov through JHU CTY). In 7th grade, I took the SAT through Duke’s Talent Identification Program and earned a 1570. More recently, I scored perfectly on my school’s PSAT 8/9, and I recently took a practice LSAT for fun (I enjoy logic games/logical reasoning puzzles), and earned a 172 on the practice test under testing conditions w/ strict timing; I plan to take the actual test soon, because it genuinely interests me and conditions permit me to do so.

I care considerably about the high school and college experiences, and not going through either one for any less than 4 years. However, no class I’ve taken at school has been challenging thus far (up to Honors Geometry), and the two AP classes I’ve taken online, while challenging, were still very doable with 5-6 hours a week in a 3 month long course.
I’m seeking the ability, in high school, to be able to take actual college classes in some way and have it go on my record, so that when I end up enrolling in college I can take significantly more difficult courses, and/or do college and law school concurrently? The community college dual enrollment program at the high school I will be attending is not great, and gives very low priority to high school students.

Do you know of any university programs that permit high school students to concurrently take either online or in-person classes at that university, to receive university credit? I know that I’m young, but I would love to be able to take high-quality classes online, especially if I can receive credit for them.

Thank you so much!

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Depending on the school district you attend, your school might have options, so I’d check with a counselor at your school (a quick google search shows that SFUSD does).

I know that this is one option, but there are plenty of other options out there: https://uaearlycollege.ua.edu

Not necessarily dual enrollment, but universities may offer courses to non-matriculated students on a space-available basis and paying tuition by credit. For example:


There are also universities with large online operations that may be an option:


Because law school admissions is very GPA and LSAT focused, be sure to earn A or A+ grades in all college courses, including those you take while in high school.