Dual-Enrollment Pre-Med Student to UF

<p>Hi all, I hope I'm posting in the proper section....</p>

<p>I am a dual-enrollment student at a small public charter school. After this semester I should have 102 credits from the Indian River State College; I will graduate with my Associate's. I applied to UF as a Freshmen with Dual-Enrollment credits and got accepted yesterday. They say they will take UP to 60 credits. I've called them and talked to them and there seems to be some sort of uncertainty when they explain this limit. I'm trying to find out if I can transfer more. <a href="http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/ugrad/frdualenroll.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/ugrad/frdualenroll.html&lt;/a>
I also once talked to someone in the seminars online and they said I could transfer more upon request. But I'd like to get more information, especially if someone has done something like this before.</p>

<p>Furthermore, I want to know if it is in my favor to transfer the pre-requisite classes for medical school. (I've taken English 1+2, Calculus 1+2, General Physics I and Lab, General Biology I and Lab, and General Chemistry I and Lab (A's in all). Some tell me it doesn't look good to Medical Schools that I've taken these courses at a smaller institution. Others say it doesn't matter as long as I complete the rest at UF and graduate from there. So should I retake them at UF? Or retake all but Calc and English, perhaps?</p>

<p>Please give me your opinions and all advice will be appreciated.</p>

<p>I did dual enrollment at IRSC too, with about 30 credits. If you will graduate with your associates degree, shouldn't you be able to apply as a transfer? I would hate to take all of the pre-reqs for college, only to have to take them over. Definately talk to them about this. I have a friend who will be graduating with her associates too, and she will start UF as a sophomore.</p>

<p>No. You cannot apply as a transfer. ^^^</p>

<p>Because he/she is a graduating High School senior with an Associate's Degree, UF has a special route for him. (FYI, I graduated last year with 115 hours).</p>

<p>It is true. UF will only take 60 to count. I'm sorry but that's just how it is. Also, why would UF ever take more than 60? Do you want a bachelor's degree from IRSC or UF? That's what my advisor told me people last year at my "special" preview. What you can do is pick and choose where you would like to use you credits. For example, I had a few classes that didn't mean anything (they didn't count for my major) so I "Discarded" them. They are on my transcript but do not officially count towards my degree. What is your intended major? "Pre-med" is just a track. For example, if you were a chemistry major it might help to have taken your chemistry courses here, at UF, as it is key to your degree. Also, many courses can only be taken at UF if they are a critical tracking course. My advice to you would be make the calculus, english, gen ed requirements count. But in terms of anything else fill as much as possible but if a particular class is integral to your major take it here! It looks better all the way around. To reiterate, you are not looking for a bachelor's degree from IRSC, you are looking to earn one from UF and what med school would want to accept so many important classes from a CC? You can try and request for them to accept more than 60, there is nothing that is impossible, but the chances are slim as it is their policy. Even ISIS has a cap on what you can earn. Hope this helps. good Luck at UF.</p>

<p>Thanks, I have had some people tell me about Med schools seeing your classes as from a CC vs University. Some people tell me it doesn't matter and some people tell me that I should take the main classes at UF. Since you are from UF, it seems that the latter is true. I will finish Calculus here, and retake Biology, Chemistry, and I guess Physics as well. I don't mind retaking them since it will really help me with the MCATS. I just needed a clear answer and I think I know what to do now. :)</p>