Dual Enrollment vs Concurrent Enrollment

One of my college applications asks me if I completed any dual enrollment classes. I have completed 3 semesters of ECE (Early College Experience) classes at my high school. The teachers for these classes are trained by the state university, and the grade for the class will transfer to my state university should I go there. On the website for the ECE program it states that ECE classes are “concurrent enrollment” classes, are these the same as dual enrollment classes?

Note: I don’t take the classes at the college, but a teacher trained by the college teaches the class at my high school, and the class counts for college credit as long as I get a C or above.

Same thing for application purposes.

Yes, these certainly sound like what would be typically be called “dual enrollment” courses.

Our high school calls it dual enrollment when you get both high school and college credit. We call it concurrent enrollment when a student takes a class at the college for college credit, but doesn’t get high school credit.

It is the same thing for admission purposes. Both the college transcript and the high school transcript must be sent to the colleges to which you apply.

From OPs explanation, this isn’t how their school names it.

Are you having any luck having them recognized by any schools other than state schools? My daughter is a DE student and will have nearly 30 college credits by HS grad, and a college honors program completed. Some classes are with other high schoolers, some are with just college students. She has a 4.2 gpa, yet it seems the schools she is looking at won’t take many of the credits. It’s discouraging, because she thought she had a good chunk of gen ed requirements in the bag.


My state school has a database of colleges that credits will transfer to (I linked it above). It seems that top schools won’t accept the credit but almost all schools out of the Top 30 will. I figure that will be the same for most DE programs.