Dual Enrollment

Hello, my son has been accepted into 2 dual enrollment schools and he’s not sure which one to pick. He is currently in 10th grade and he applied for SAS (School for Advanced Studies at Miami Dade College) and for AAA (Academy for Advanced Academics at Florida International University) and they both accepted him into their program. He is not sure which one to pick and I would like to ask someone that has attended to any of these programs to help us make the decision as to which program would benefit him the most for his future. He has dreams of attending a Ivy League school and he’s not sure which program will open more doors for him. Thank you in advance!

Either will. Dual enrollment is dual enrollment it’s a college class regardless of which college he picks. Personally I took calculus 2 at Miami dade for dual enrollmentso I guess it just depends what classes he plans to take.