Dual Enrollment?

<p>I'm going to dual enroll my senior year and take Calculus 2 at a local university. I'm obviously not going to be done with it by the time I apply, so should I bother putting it on my education section?</p>

<p>If its part of a highschool program that allows you to take college classes won't it be on your transcript?</p>

<p>Yes, it will be on my hs transcript.</p>

<p>You should put it in the section where it asks what classes you will be taking your senior year, I think. I don't know whether you should add the college to the list of schools you have attended.</p>

<p>If classes from a CC go directly on your high school transcript, put them on the senior classes. Either way, you have to send in a separate CC transcript with your high school transcript, so colleges will see all the classes you have taken.</p>