Dual Major in Aerospace Engineering and Sports Management

How feasible is it to dual major in Aerospace Engineering and Sports Management? I’m very interested in both fields, and have already been accepted to schools with strong programs in both majors.

You would have to look at the plans of study, presumably published by both departments, and look at the requirements, the overlaps, and any AP/DE credits you bring in. It also depends on your willingness to extend past a normal four year duration.

Doubling with Engineering can be tough. My D added an Entrepreneurship Minor, which only required a net 6 extra credits (2 courses) and had to take one summer course to fit everything in to a Mechanical Engineering major. Aero/Astro’s plan required one more credit, so about the same.

It’s probably school-dependent, though engineering curriculum tend to be very similar due to certification requirements.

I’d imagine this would be very difficult. I worked at a university that had a sports management program; that’s a pretty professionally-focused program, and the students involved were typically interning/assisting on the university’s sports teams and/or in the university’s office of physical education in addition to their coursework.

I think this is one of those places where you have to make a decision about what you want to study as your primary focus. That doesn’t mean you can’t take additional classes based on your interests; it doesn’t even mean that you close the door to working in that field in the future (particularly sports management, in which I suspect most people did not major in the field in college). But the whole point of a major is to pick a specific focus for your undergraduate studies.

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