Dual Major Study Abroad

Can I study abroad when doing a double/dual major? If I can, does that mean I can study abroad twice for each major, or once and do both?

Many different study abroad programs, so you have to find the one that matches your needs. Some study abroad programs are for a specific major, but usually they are more general. My daughter’s was sponsored by the theater department and there were several theater classes offered but there were other classes offered too. She was in London, so all classes in English.

My sister was a German and French major and went abroad for a year, but took a lot of other classes too. She found it easier to take math and science classes in German than to take a lot of literature classes that way.

Depends on the policy of your specific college. Colleges vary widely in their policies on study abroad, and (as @twoinanddone pointed out), whether their study abroad programs are general or major-linked. Also, depending on the specific major(s), their requirements, and your college’s GenEd/Distribution requirements you may have trouble completing everything within 4 years.

There are schools that emphasize study abroad (for example, I know a recent Dickinson who did 3 study-away programs during her 4 years).

Many schools offer all kinds of different lengths of study abroad opportunities as well.

That said, who knows what study abroad will look like in this Covid age. Personally I would not make college or major decisions decisions based on study abroad.

Most full academic year (9 to 10 month) study abroad programs emphasize foreign language study & offer liberal arts courses in addition to language courses.

Semester abroad programs are usually designed for anyone wishing to satisfy distribution requirements.

But, “most” & “usually” does not mean “all”.

Typically–but not always–study abroad programs offered by a specific university are open to students from all US colleges & universities.