Duchesne East

<p>What are the pros and cons of this dorm? And what are the pros and cons of living on Newton?</p>

<p>hey, i never lived on newton but it definitely has a really tight community and duchesne seemed to me to be the closest of the newton dorms. It's split into two sides connected by a hallway (east and west). I've only been inside twice but I remember the hallways are really really narrow.</p>

<p>Pros of newton in general:
closer, tight-knit community
better food for the most part
plenty of grass
all freshman (you could see that as a con too i suppose)
smaller dorms
close walk to newton center (although upper is as well)</p>

<p>cons of newton:
bus rides which can get extremely crowded during peak hours of the day
far from everything on the weekend
can't really go back to your room during the day if you have class
lots of law students and you aren't supposed to use their facilities</p>

<p>Everyone I know that lived on newton for the most part absolutely LOVED it. I lived in Fitzpatrick on upper last year and I was sort of disappointed with the social atmosphere. People on newton become so close and everyone I know that lived there has the utmost pride for their campus. Even the seniors I knew who had lived on Newton still talked about it as if it was the best place on earth.</p>

<p>so if you have a class at 11 and then you're next class is at 3, what are some things to do? you really can't go back to newton?</p>

<p>^You can go back to Newton, but a lot of times there isn't really any point. First semester last year I had a 3 hour gap some days between classes, but I would usually just stay on main campus and go to the library to get work done or get lunch with friends. Occasionally I would go back if I had to get something in my room, but I always liked the feeling of 'coming home' to newton at the end of the day when I was done with classes.</p>