dude...2 different ACTs today??

<p>i was talking to a friend, and his science section was entirely different from mine.....what the heck...and he said his was easy..</p>

<p>Weird. Are you sure? Maybe he just didn't remember the passages correctly...?</p>

<p>no....i'm looking through all the test questions talked about today, and i didn't have any of those....</p>

<p>That's really strange. I wonder why that happened. I didn't know they gave out two tests but it definitely sounds like it. hmmm...</p>

<p>should i call to ask? </p>

<p>but what if they are like, you must have talked to other people in order to figure that out, thus we will disqualify your scores..</p>

<p>i can totally see that happening..</p>

<p>I usually remember every question on the test. I took the test in Central Europe today, and I'm sure it was a different version than the one discussed here.</p>

<p>huh....but i live in the states.</p>

<p>anyway, my reading topics were</p>

<p>1) story about a guy going to direct a play
2) about a neural disorder
3) about immigration
4) about spruce trees</p>

<p>and in the science section, there was one about flower genes...white flowers, purple flowers</p>

<p>in the english section there was one about navajo indian doctor </p>

<p>...did you have this version?</p>

<p>looool no :D</p>

<p>my reading topics were:</p>

<li>story revolving around grandma's quilt </li>
<li>Critical essay on the neoclassical theory, offered a new theory</li>
<li>researcher using a computer programme for dinosaur bones</li>

<p>My science section was very hard. In practice tests I scored 35-36, but today I randomly bubbled in 6 :(</p>

<p>Math included a challenging systems of equations problem!</p>

<p>Otherwise the test was ok!</p>


<p>my math one had a challenging systems too! that was the only one i couldn't figure out.
it had like the variables a,b,c and x,y in it..and it was like solve it in terms of y.</p>

<p>i thought my science was pretty hard too....</p>

<p>My test was similar to martin_sage's. No wonder my neighbour told me that the science section was the easiest. I got raped in science (had to randomly fill in half the ovals) :(:(:(</p>

<p>Maths was so easyyyy</p>

<p>okay, well it makes sense that all int'l people have the same test...</p>

<p>..............but i still haven't found anyone who took the same test as I!!!!!!!</p>

<p>i got the same test as you op. english and reading where easy but science and math where as hard as ****</p>

<p>REALLY? thank goodness, are you from the states?</p>

<p>why do you think they have 2 different versions in the states? i was always under the impression that there was only 1...</p>

<p>yea im for usa. i dont know why they had two different versions, mine had a green cover btw.</p>

<p>for the director question, he was the only director right or was there 8 directors? and what did you put for the answer where he says its now or never?</p>

<p>Yeah, so this is really weird.</p>

<p>I seem to have had the same test as the OP, and I also live in the U.S. What gives? I hope that this doesn't screw up our curve/delay our scores. </p>

<p>Any ideas?</p>

<p>I also had the same test...and mine also had a green cover. Reading/English was quite simple, but math was ridiculously hard! I guessed on like the last ten...not good.</p>

<p>Same test as the OP, to clarify.</p>

<p>thank god it wasnt only me that thought that the math was just redicoulisly hard. same with science but not as hard as the math</p>

<p>The math appeared to be very geometrically oriented. This would have hurt most people, but I have a ton of experience with geometry (I took Non-Euclidean as an elective last year). </p>

<p>I don't even remember the reading or science, the JV football team was playing so the crowd was very distracting.</p>

<p>I took the international test, which is different from the one people are discussing today. But I didn't think the Science section was easy - I've been getting 30+ in practice papers and I totally bombed the Science section this time.</p>

<p>yea! mine had a green cover. i really hope they don't mess up our tests with wrong answer scoring sheets. </p>

<p>for that director question, yea he was the ONLY director. he said "i'm THE director" </p>

<p>yea, geometry...well, the geometry we learn in school is Euclidean..</p>

<p>i thought the math was really easy. but science was a sucker--the section about the theta and reflecting/refracting O___O what the heck, there were so many words i was getting dizzy</p>