Duke Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022


D22 applied CS - Arts & Sciences- we haven’t received any email for an interview. Do only some get an interview? or everyone gets it?

Yes I think they offer interviews if they have alumni in the area


The interview email came from the alumni to set an interview

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D applied RD in November. Just received an interview email today.

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Our son submitted his application late Dec. I believe past the date to be included in interviews. Is there anyone that has gotten interviews requests if application was submitted in late December? Does not having interview reflect poorly on applicant?

My son applied RD in October, still waiting for an alumni interview.



I think it’s based on alumni availability in the area that’s all. My S22 got interview email yesterday after a lot of wait.


chance me pls!
Applied EA with
4.6 W/3.94 UW
35 ACT
Pretty strong extracurriculars linking Art and other interests together (founded service club), MUN, & more
Essays show my personality as best as it can.
Studio Arts Major
(Private high school in OC, CA)

I just wanted to get a feel for what I should expect!

Thanks in advance!!

Sorry! I applied RD!!

I was accepted with similar stats so you should be good to go. Good Luck

We had mandatory documents that showed as received on the portal the last couple of weeks and have now disappeared and show as missing. I work in IT, and I’m not even sure how that is possible, and I have seen weird things.

My D22 got an interview request on 1/19.

So far the interview requests posted here are all for those students that applied prior to the December deadline, correct? Has anyone who applied after the deadline been contacted for an interview? The same question has been asked up thread as well. I assume they have not been contacted for an interview but wanted to ask. I have twins and a niece all applying to a variety of schools and trying to track it all has given me a perpetual headache… :upside_down_face: :laughing:

Application documents or financial aid? Did u receive an email too? Curious on how u noticed. We’ve told our son to check emails and portals regularly for updates etc. Hopefully he is on top of it.

S22 submitted application after 12/20 and he hasn’t been offered an interview. We assumed it will not be offered since he missed the deadline. Although I have to say I find it a little bit puzzling: why have an earlier deadline for interview?


I guess it’s because scheduling local alumni volunteers takes time.

Thank you for responding. On their CDS, Duke does stipulate that an interview is a consideration in the admissions process. That’s likely the main reason one would care.

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