Duke and Greek life?

<p>How centered is Duke around greek life? As someone who hasn't really been exposed much to drinking or partying in high school, what can I expect at Duke?</p>

<p>duke def. has many parties... not too hard to find. basically if u wanna drink and party they got it. there are ppl who don't party too, so it's basically up to you what you wanna do. no one forces u to do anything (unless u join a frat or selective house... then ur basically asking for alcohol).</p>

<p>are there any sororities that aren't super preppy and where the social life isn't centered only around drinking? O_o</p>

<p>yeah... espescially because sororities have no centralized housing so many girls live with other non-sorority girls</p>

<p>A non-Greek at Duke would argue that the preppier girls are the ones that choose to go through recruitment and ultimately join a sorority. That being said, from a Greek perspective, there are sororities that aren't entirely preppy. Will there be preppy girls in all of them? Probably. There are preppy girls in mine, but not everyone in my sorority is. The preppiness isn't a bad thing, though, and keep an open mind about it, because these girls can and will surprise you.</p>

<p>Not all the sororities center their activities around drinking. Sure-- there will be lots of activities that are seemingly JUST about drinking (tailgates, yesterday's sisterhood case race, pregames, etc.) but no one is going to think any less of you if you don't want to drink. You're sisters and they'll respect you for choosing not to.</p>