Duke and Subject Tests

<p>Does Duke require them for application? I got shafted this go-around, and will not be able to take the subject tests this weekend (which sucks, because I got 800s on three separate practice tests for Math II, and I'm fresh out of precalculus). Of course, collegeboard doesn't offer another SAT until October, at which time I'll be busy almost every Saturday morning with cross country meets. October 9th also makes it so that I can barely ED for Duke like I want to. So again, how necessary are the SAT II tests for Duke?</p>

<p>Subject tests are necessary only if you plan to fulfill the standardized test requirement with the SAT. Than is, you would have to submit the regular SAT in addition to 3 SAT II's. On the other hand, you could just submit the ACT with optional writing section and nothing else. That's what I did.</p>

<p>Yeah I agree with what Biner said because I just submitted my ACT scores so I didn't have to bother taking the time to study and take the SAT Subject Tests. But you don't necessarily HAVE to take the SAT Subject Tests in October if you have potential conflicts. Here's Duke policy on standardized tests Duke</a> University Admissions: Standardized Testing Requirements and it says that while they "strongly recommend" taking it in October, they still admit "past experience suggests that November scores typically arrive in time".</p>

<p>So if I don't take the subject tests, I can't get in?</p>


<p>No, you only have to take subject tests if you choose to submit your SAT score. If you take the ACT and submit that score, you don't have to submit any SAT Subject test scores.</p>