Duke Chances E.d. Engineering

<p>Just wondering what you all think my chances are at Duke early decision in engineering.</p>

Unweighted GPA 4.0
Weighted GPA 4.5
Class Rank 5/400
SAT I 720M/630V=1350Combined
SAT II: Math IIC 780, more to come</p>

<p>500+ hours at local engineering firm
national honor society
TSA President, VICA
varsity baseball and golf
Parks and Rec volunteer
more extracurriculars that i dont feel like typing</p>

<p>I think they arent very good, but I was wondering what everyone thinks. I hope my engineering job will get me some browny points. I have a 5 on AP calc test, i just cant seem to get decent on the damn SAT I math. I always do stupid stuff!</p>

<p>Anywayz, feedback please!

<p>well more ECs might help w/ the rating...
But SAT is about average, great SAT IIC score. Which other IIs did you take?
The engineering firm work is good because it shows commitment. Same with the sports</p>

<p>What Math and Science classes did you take in HS?</p>

<p>From the info given, and if you couldn't take any advance science b/c of your area, then you'll have a pretty good chance, in addition to ED.</p>

<p>Btw, i'm also applying to Pratt, but regular decision.</p>

<p>Excellent shot at it. Trying to do "decent" on the Math SAT I? No offense, but 720 isn't bad at all... lol... all you people are such overachievers.</p>

<p>I have taken physics, physics AP, UVA Physics105HS, Chemistry, Chem AP I, Chem AP II, Biology, Earth Science. For math, ive taken through calc bc, i tryed to get stats and computer science ap this year, but didnt work out w/ schedule. most of my extracurriculars are baseball based. two years of lettering in golf, two in baseball.</p>

<p>bump, come on ppl =)</p>

<p>I am planning on SAT II physics and writing, also taking the ACT (use in place of SAT II's for ED)</p>



<p>I think you stand a great chance at Duke ED, but it' very tough to get into. You should also look into Brown, it seems like your kind of place.</p>

<p>Wow, 500+ hours at an engineering firm. That's really good.</p>

<p>Five on AP Calculus BC only helps you.</p>

<p>Duke is hard to get in to. But, you still have a pretty good shot.</p>


<p>hmmm. i would say about a 40% chance, because your SAT is like around 60-70 points below average. but your 500+ hours does help a lot.</p>