Duke Chances - RD

<p>Hey - I just wanted to know what my chances might be at Duke RD. It really looks like an awesome school but I dont know if i can get in. Please be honest. Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Here are my stats: </p>

<p>White male from Seattle, WA</p>

<p>Senior - Applying Regular Decision </p>

<p>SAT - 1520 (800M, 720V)
SAT II's -Retaking in November
Math 2C - 770
Writing - 710
US History - ?
ACT - 31 Avg (will use SAT's instead) </p>

<p>3.87 High school GPA UW at a VERY tough private prep school
Hopefully I'll have the GPA to a 3.9 something by the end of the 1st term this year
Taking 2 out of the 3 Ap's the school offers (1 was offered junior year but i didnt take it)
AP BC Calculus
AP History
Top 10% of class </p>

Freshman Football 9
Varsity Football 10-12
JV Tennis 9-10
Varsity Tennis 11-12 (State Champs)
Intramural Basketball 9,10,12
Ski Bus 9-12 </p>

<p>Extra Curriculars
Community Service - Skiforall - (organization teaching developmentally disabled kids how to ski) 11-12
National Honor Society 10-12
Junior State – 9, 12</p>

<p>National Merit Commended Scholar
Who's Who of High School Students in America Award
Award for excellence3 at the 39th Mission support squadron (work award)
President’s List 7 out of 9 Times (3.85 or above)</p>

<p>Job Experience (working since 14)
Military Summer hire for Air Force in Turkey - Summer of 9th and 10th grade. (Pretty unique experience)
Ski Instructor - 10th
Tennis Instructor - 11th </p>

<p>I might be forgetting a few things . . . </p>

<p>Anyways, thanks for the help. I appreciate it. Be honest I'd like some realistic evaluations. A lot of people i know seem too confident. Thanks</p>

<p>Oh yea, i forgot to add - Im from the NorthWest. . .Does that help or hurt - i know they dont accept that many people from that area.</p>

<p>sorry if I missed this, but are you applying to trinity or pratt? anyways, in general, your academics and scores a pretty good. but your ECs seem kind of random and you don't really have any leadership experience. The military summer hire is unique (I guess, I really have no idea about it) but yeah, you certainly have a chance. if you can construct your essay and application to portray that you are passionate about something and can be committed, you definitely have a decent chance. good luck</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply - I am applying to Trinity. Thats easier right?</p>

<p>I guess my ECs are random because i just like to do a lot of different stuff. Sports are probably my biggest thing, but i do a lot of other activities as well.</p>