Duke, Cornell chances

<p>RD to Duke and Cornell
SAT: 1510 combined, 780M
SATII: 770 IIC, 670 Writing, 620 Physics
Top 5% of 400
AP: Calc AB 5
ECs: Few clubs, president of two, District Orchestra, varsity tennis- MVP
Jobs: Cashier right now, Paid internship over the summer
Good essays/recs
Siblings have gone to both, if that helps</p>

<p>How does it look?</p>

<p>Your chances at both schools are pretty good though you probably have a better chance at Cornell than Duke. Proably would have helped if you had taken a few more AP classes. Your SAT is very good and hopefully can make up for the lack of AP's. Best of luck to you in your college search.</p>

<p>In at Cornell, maybe at Duke...</p>

<p>If you have maximized your school's AP's, and you have A's or B+'s in them, Cornell shouldn't be a reach, not a definite. Duke is hard, but I'm not too sure what your chances are, so someone else can tell you that.</p>

<p>thanks guys</p>

<p>my school utilizes block scheduling and has a limited number of AP classes so it's hard to take more than 2....i will have 3 ap classes when i graduate and the rest mostly honors</p>

<p>Cornell University <a href="match">i</a>*
Duke University <a href="possible%20match">i</a>*</p>