DUKE ED 2020

Applying to Trinity

Class rank: 3/384
GPA unweighted: 3.95
Act: 32 (English 35 science 32 math 28 reading 34) I suck at math
Senior year courses: ap Lit, calc BC, APUSH, ap Chem, Spanish 4, and speech and debate
Previous APS- ap world 4 ap gov 5 ap Lang 4 ap physics 1- 3
Awards: ap scholar with honors, my school districts social studies student of the year

ECS: 4 years varsity soccer, 4 years student council, 4 years on my school’s leadership council (secretary senior year), 2 years mu alpha theta (secretary senior year), NHS 2 years, class of 2016 float committee (planned, designed, hosted float building) 4 years, Link Crew 2 years (link crew executive senior year) volunteered three summers at a summer camp for children with autism and similar diseases where I worked one on one with a child to help them learn songs and scripts to perform a play for the community, played travel soccer since 1st grade,
Job: 2 years part time at mcdonalds (I’m not lovin it)
Recs: both from AP teachers who I’m very well acquainted with and I believe will be very strong 9/10 at least
Essay: about how I was bullied in middle school to the point where I had to change school districts and then when I got to high school I ended up having a locker two down from my former bully and I had to learn to grow up and be mature about the situation
why Duke essay: strong talked about dukes flexibility with courses and related to how I love to learn about everything regardless of its connection to my major
Hooks: none
White Female from Michigan

Flexibility to me seems a little risky because a) it isn’t really unique to Duke and b) it may send the wrong message.

@jarrett211 if I changed the flexibility essay id have at least a chance you think?

did you get in?