Duke ED chance me

I am planning on ED for Duke. What are my chances. I do know that its totally unpredictable however any expert guidance after looking at my stats.

GPA: 3.65 UW/4.125 Weighted
7 APs and 2 Post AP courses completed bt Junior year. Taking 4 APs and and Post AP classes Sr year
ACT: single test: 36
Working as intern for mid size company for last 3 years. Part-time during school year and full time summers in same field as what I plan applying
4 year Varsity sport
1 club officer
Good amount of volunteer work and few state level awards

I’d say no or deferred to regular. Your act is obviously great. You ECs as well. Your GPA a tad low but your rigor is good.

You’ll get into a wonderful school and it is a possibility you get into Duke. It’s certainly worth a shot if it’s the school you are 100% committed to and you’ve run the NPC and your family can afford or wants to afford it.

Try the collegevine chancing app. It is much improved. Do you have access to Naviance at your school?