Duke ED chances?

Duke ED, gatech, cmu, uiuc, iu bloomington, purdue, all UCs others

Class Rank: Unofficial top 10% in a school of 500+.
GPA: 3.87
ACT: 35 (36 Math, 35 Science, 35 English, 34 Reading, 11 Essay)
SAT IIs: Chem 800, Math 2 800
AP Scores: 5 5s

-Started my own company with by brother and his friend (bro goes to CMU and friend goes to UCB). I am currently the CFO and we have a capital of >$16,000
-Cofounded a nonprofit organization that helps children learn english for middle schoolers struggling in school. (*I had the help of an adult to get this going)

  • Internship in the financial department of a multi-billion dollar company (a private equity firm)
    -jv swim 2 years, varsity another 2 (not recruitable but captain for 1 year)
  • helped raise over $5000 to buy sleeping bags for homeless people living nearby (worked with 30 others)

Teacher Recs: Math Teacher, English Teacher
8/10 and 9/10 respectively

Course Load: 5 being the hardest, probably a 4 (not too easy but not too hard)

I plan on majoring in economics/finance

Common App 9.5/10
Supplements 9/10

State: NY




I would say you have a pretty good shot! Great ACT and average GPA will help balance out. Additionally, your extra-curriculars are sparkling, showcasing a lot of future potential and leadership. I believe this will definitely help to set you apart from others in the applicant pool, giving u a pretty good shot (but its the Ivy’s, so u never know :/)

Good Luck!

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If you are applying Trinity ED, I estimate your total score will be in the 46-50 range (max of 60). Your application will most likely be decided at committee. If I had to guess I think you will probably get deferred to RD round and then probably waitlisted. Best of luck

Thanks! Any other thoughts?

gpa is on the weak side, but not enough to hold you back I don’t think (esp. with that ACT). Duke gives a heavy advantage to its ED kids so I think you should make the cut.

Any thoughts for my other schools? (mainly cmu, ucla, and uc davis)

I don’t think you will have to worry about them :slight_smile: may I ask what your gpa trend is (where did you get your B’s)? I mean, think you should be fine for those schools.

my gpa trend stayed roughly constant. I got 2 Bs freshman, and 1 each sophomore and junior year. Also, i think my interview went really well, can this boost my chances?