Duke ED Class of 2025 (Chance Me)

Hi I’m a senior applying to Duke ED this fall into the Pratt school of engineering.

Location: New Jersey, Demographic: Indian Male

GPA: 95.5/100.0 (pretty average - I go to a very competitive school)
Not submitting SAT or ACT
SAT Math II - 800
SAT Physics - 790
AP Computer Science A - 5
AP Calculus BC - 5
AP Physics C Mechanics - 5

Created a business to make balloon animals at local events. Work twice per week at pediatrician’s office making balloon animals for patients. (I’ll be including website link in application.)

President (11th, 12th) of volunteering group at my local temple. (Participated all four years.)
President of school’s Key Club (12th) Treasurer (11th). (Participated all four years) Created a PPE Donation drive and coordinated with over 10 hospitals to send donations to.

12th grade summer internship with bioscience graduate school: Rockefeller University. Created a web app analyzing RNA Sequencing data from SARS-CoV-2 infected cells.

Won awards at 5 regional and state competitions for research in 10th and 11th grade.
(Jersey Shore Sci. Fair, Delaware Valley Sci. Fair, New Jersey Academy of Science, Invitation to DOW Chemical to present findings)

11th grade “internship” working for a VP at Goldman Sachs.

Won first prize at Eye Level Literacy Competition in the NJ/NY region for an essay.

Hobbies: Play an Indian drum. Won a few awards for photography

My guidance counselor told me that my common app essay was “definitely one of the top 5 [she has] ever read.”
(It is about my journey making balloon animals and creating a business.)

My two supplemental essays are decent at best however. Nothing crazy stands out in either of them.

Please let me know my chance of acceptance. Thank you so much!

ur def getting in that balloon thing is unique as hell
im applying ED to Trinity!! hope to see u there

One thing to keep in mind is that the essay(s) mean more at Trinity than they do Pratt. Pratt has engineering professors who read the Pratt applications and focus more on data like grades, test scores, and curriculum which is 70%.

According to Solomon Admissions Consulting, applicants to Trinity and Pratt and scored in 6 criteria but are weighted quite differently and to have your best shot you need at least 45/60 points for Trinity and 75/100 points for Pratt:


Strength of Curriculum = 10 pts
Grades/Class Rank = 10 pts
SAT/ACT Test Scores = 10 pts
EC achievement with focus on national awards = 10 pts
Essays = 10 pts
Letters of recommendation = 10 pts

Pratt School of Engineering:

Strength of Curriculum = 20 pts
Grades/Class Rank = 20 pts
SAT/ACT Test Scores = 30 pts
EC achievement with focus on national awards = 10 pts
Essays = 10 pts
Letters of recommendation = 10 pts

Thank you this was helpful.
So as an SAT test optional candidate, I will be disadvantaged by applying to Pratt over Trinity?

@LoonDude - have you taken a standardized test? I think for engineering you need to demonstrate that you are in the tippy top of stem students and have the “horsepower under the hood” to handle the demands of the engineering school. I would endeavor to take a test if you can because I think your other applicants will be trying to do so to put their most competitive foot forward. GL!

@GlobalFencingMom That was helpful thank you. I took the SAT Twice with an 800 in math and 640 in English. I figured since a 1440 isn’t impressive, I was better off submitting just my subject tests and APs which are clearly much stronger scores.

They look at the individual scores, not total SAT. Though the 640 isn’t great, the 800 is, for engineering. Your GC might be able to word something about the low score being unexpected because of your usual performance and skills. BUT that leads to the question: how did you do in English, history, and other reading/analysis courses? Any AP in those? You often can’t just show them STEM SAT2 and AP scores when they’re looking for your balanced strengths in cores.

Anything at the hs besides Key Club? Anything STEM there, engineering/robotics or math team? The balloons, drum, temple vol work are great, but something that also shows you work well with peers, not just the research and internships or independent interests.