Duke Ed !

<p>Korean male(international, came to U.S 2 yrs ago)
Trinity (possible major for mathematics or economics)</p>

<p>School : Very very competitive private school in Alabama(SCHOOL AVR SAT 1300+)</p>

<p>GPA : 4.15 (my school doesn’t rank, maybe 10/60…)
SAT1: 1380(620v,760m)
SAT2: U.S History (660), taking this NOV… Writing(expecting 650+), MATH2C,PHYSICS (expecting 700+)
AP : AP CAL BC 5, AP US history 4, AP Physics B 4</p>

<p>Senior course: Journalism, AP PHYSICS C, AP MACROECONOMICS, AP STATISTICS, DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, Multivariable Calculus</p>

<p>Activity / Employment(grade)

  1. Journalism — Reporter of “The Voice of Youth” managed by the Prime Minister of Korea (11-12) Teen Reporter of “Teen Times” , English newspaper for teens in Korea (12) Reporter and Photographer of BeautyNet ,website for youngsters (11) Photographer and writer of School Newspaper Gordon (12)</p>

<li><p>Voluntary Service for Community – Teaching English to impoverished urban children in Sindang Welfare Center(10-11) Goodwill guide member of Korea National Tourism Organization since Oct. 2003(11-12) English letter Interpreter in World Vision, international Christian child-focused emergency relief and development organization(11) Participation of starvation experience for 24 hours hosted by World Vision(11) Student guide of National College Fair Birmingham(12) Helper of registration for U.S 2004 President Election in Birmingham(12) Participation of 1-mile streets Cleaning up in the key club(11-12) Participation of turtle marathon for the ill children(9)¨ Donation of blood in Korea and USA(9-12)</p></li>
<li><p>Physical and Mental Sports —Taekwondo - Training for 12 years since 6-year-old - Certified 2-dan of Korean TaeKwonDo Association in 1995- Class Representative in Youido School(9)</p></li>

<p>Go (Baduk or weiqi)- Ancient Board Game with concentration, balance and dicipline - Hard training during 13 years since 6-year-old- Certified 3-dan of Korean Go Association in 2003- Screen Name Saram in Tygem, biggest on-line Go Website in Korea, certified 9-dan (highest), 99 victories 38 defeats, 73%, which was the 2nd highest in 2002.-Selected as A Member of This Month, The Most Popular Player chosen by other players in Tygem, on-line Go Website.- Member of American Go Association and Korean Baduk Association - Go lovers club President in Tygem, on-line Go website(11-12) - In the process of the publication of Korean Go Book in English version </p>

<p>Online Game Starcraft-A member of Honest-Wisdom Professional Progamer Team(9)- The 5th Hero game-clan-tester (9)- Refree of Starcraft Mania Tournament by UNITEL, online portal site(9)- Contribution on starcraft strategy to the UNITEL Online SCMANIA Club(9)</p>

<p>Varsity Baseball Player for 3 years(10-12) Varsity Track team (10)Varsity Soccer Player for 1 year(9)¨ Participation of Birmingham Chess Championship Tournament(11) A member of Alabama Chess Federation(11-12)</p>

<li><p>Math/Science —President and Founder of Math Club in Indian Springs School(12) Peer Tutor in Math and Physics in Indian Springs School(11-12)</p></li>
<li><p>Music / Art — President and Founder of Asian music club in the School(11-12); created a choreography for Korean Rap Music and had performances in school event several times, translated lyrics to English, made the CD about Korean FreeStyle Rap (in progress) Immaculata Choir Member of Yongsan Catholic Church in Korea(9-12) Choir member of Indian Springs School(11) Internet Music Jackie of winamp player in SORIBADA, on-line web portal site(9,10)</p></li>
<li><p>Leadership/ Drama/ Computer ---- Class President of the Youido School ; presidency of class meetings and class decision making(9) Representative of Korea Cultural Properties Inquiry Club (9) Usher of Graduation of Bright Star School(10) School Tour Guide of Indian Springs School(11-12) Proctor of Dorm Circle of Indian Springs School(12)Participated in School Drama 3 Little Pigs in Bright Star School Mic Changer in School Drama Cabaret(11) A member of Asian club in Indian Springs School(11-12); suggested club shirt designs, helped selling asian foods Educational Representative for Habitat for humanity(12) Research Panel in the Chambarun Research Company(11)Certified 2-gup of the Word Processor from the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Study of c++ computer language for 6 months at Jungang Information Institution(9)</p></li>
<li><p>Work Experiences — Indian Springs School Attendence Runner(11)Distribution of advertisement on streets(9)Assembling bulb screws for side job(10)</p></li>

<p>Great Essay about Go(everybody to whom i showed it said he/she wants to learn it!), Great Recommendations</p>

<p>Do I have any chances?? or just waste of $70?</p>

<p>kinda late to be asking about Duke ED.</p>

<p>your ECs are diverse, which is good. I don't know how much mentioning the Star Craft might help, but for 2 yrs in the US, you've got a lot of stuff under your belt. </p>

<p>Your academics aren't as strong as some might have, but Duke gives a lot of weight towards good recommendations.</p>

<p>dudeeeeee get rid of the starcrafT videogame thing</p>

<p>ok i will , don't worry about it, anyone else????????????</p>