Duke ED

<p>Chances at Duke early d?</p>

<p>SAT I - 1420 (720M 700V)
SAT II - 740 Chem 710 Math I 630 Writing (Retaking writing and math)
APs - 5 chem 4 eng lang 3 us hist 3 euro
Taking AP calc ab bio span eng lit and us govt
4.0 weighted (if not higher, my school usesnumerical grades)
Ranked about 4th/200, (school does not release)</p>

• Mathletes 10-12, Co-Captain 12
• Science Olympiads 11-12, Co-President 12
• Engineering Team 10-12, Co-President 12
• Mock Trial 11-12, Moot Law Tournament at Nassau County Supreme Court
• Interact Club 10-12
• Quiz Bowl Team 10-12</p>

National Honor Society
National Foreign Language Honor Society
Published in Celebrate! Young Poets Speak Out
Scholar Athlete Award
American Chemical Society Award for Outstanding Achievement in AP Chemistry
Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
Outstanding Achievement in Spanish
AP Scholar with Honor
Recognition for School Service
High Honor Roll</p>

<p>did research this summer at Stony Brook, sending out Intel MTS paper 11/17
class treasurer 12th
tutoring for 3 yrs, worked in 2 different law offices as an intern
varsity football 10-11, varsity tennis 10-12 and capt 11th, 12 prob too, all confrence tennis
Rec letters (according to my counselor) very good, essays are good
Any feedback would be appreciated...</p>


<p>eh duke is hard to get into, 20ish percent chance</p>

<p>That low?...I could re-take the sats and rush them this nov. I had a bad day on both math and verbal, would def pull high 14s, prob 15, but my counselor said scores don't matter once you hit 14. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>you have way better than 20% chance, i dont know what hes talking about.... you definately have 40% chance at the minimum. better than me =) research looks good! Good luck! (i am applying early to duke also, stats in the ED roster page that i think u found)</p>

<p>i would say you havE a 60%-70% chance of getting in ED. Dont retake SAT I, its good that you are retaking SAT IIs in writing and math. that is all you need. do well in those, and i would bumb your percentage to like 75%</p>

<p>True, good luck to you bsbllallstr8....I hate knowing there's nothing else to do to my app and just waiting...</p>

<p>hey - nice rank, and 1350 is very solid (I got a 1330 myself last time). I spoke to numerous kids at Duke w/ 13's, and you prob have a better chance that you think.</p>

<p>i hope so =) it would be pretty sweet thats for sure! hope to see you there - Class of '09</p>