Duke for Bio

<p>So I've heard a lot of good things about Duke University in the way of the biology program. I also know they have a renowned medical program. So my question is, as a student interested deeply in biology but NOT medicine, would the program feel totally geared towards biomed?</p>

<p>I am more interested in wildlife biology/ecology.</p>

<p>Duke has one of the highest ranked ecological bio departments in the country. It even has its own Lemur Center. From undergrads I've talked to, its not that bio professors don't like premed kids, but they LOVE kids who are genuinely interested in the subject and are considering go to grad school/getting a Ph. D.</p>

<p>Wisconsin is ranked in the top 3 for animal science and zoology. It also has a a highly regarded dept of Wildlife Ecology founded by one of the pioneers in the field-Aldo Leopold.</p>

<p>UW</a> Forestry: About</p>

<p>Aldo</a> Leopold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>