Duke freshman dorms, crime scenes

<p>I have been told that they don't take tours by the freshmen dorms as they are in very unsafe part of town. They are surrounded by barbed wire?</p>

<p>Any comments?</p>

<p>Are you kidding me? The freshman dorms are located on East Campus. East Campus is part of every tour! East Campus is a fabulous place and in and of itself. East Campus is one reason to go to Duke, as all Freshman live together in an extremely well thought out, self contained campus. Whoever told you that, absolutely positively does not have the first clue about Duke. Wow. Misinformation a la mode!</p>

I have been told that they don't take tours by the freshmen dorms as they are in very unsafe part of town.


I wouldn't say it's any more unsafe than any other part of town, and it's probably a good deal safer than most. Many students walk off campus to 9th street (a main drag right off East) or to Brightleaf Square, a shopping district a short walk from East. Northgate Mall is also quite close to East and is very nice. The NC School for Science & Math is right down the street from East campus, and I can assure you that parents have no qualms about sending their high school students there. Parents also have no qualms about sending their kids to Duke TIP, a summer program for gifted middle/high schoolers hosted on East campus.</p>

<p>It should be noted, however, that walking off campus at night by oneself can be ill-advised. People have gotten mugged around East, but inevitably it is someone wandering around a couple blocks from campus by himself/herself at 3 AM.</p>

They are surrounded by barbed wire?


Jeez. No barbed wire! There's a very low stone wall, but it is more for decoration than a barrier; it's quite easy to step or scramble over.</p>

<p>I took S2 for a college visit there last fall; no barbed wire in sight. He spent the day bumming around there on his own while I did professional stuff over in Raleigh and had a fine time.</p>

<p>Not true at all. On the contrary, you'll see people on East playing ultimate, football, soccer, etc. on the quads and just hanging out. It's a really chill atmosphere.</p>

<p>OMG (truly shocked by the statement). I think the person who told you this may have been on the waitinglist or something. He/she makes duke seem like a prison ahahahaa. Duke has one of the best and most beutiful campuses around the nation. They have really cute cottage type homes around the neurological department (absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't take my eyes off when I first saw them; you should go visit and see them, I think you'll change your minds wholly). Duke is a new university (probably around a century or something old; even though it changed names so many times), so it must have new type of buildings (which it does). They are still constructing in some areas.
Anyways, it is only common sense that one must not walk out alone at night (unless you're looking for trouble). I have never seen barbed wires around duke (like ever). Don't trust people that advise you off the street. The durham area is fine and as I see it, just inform your child to be clever and smart about her stay. I think she would really like the close knit community Duke has to offer and that actually why many duke acceptees choose Duke over ivies.</p>

<p>You must be thinking of USC.</p>

<p>The best place to look for information about crime is the Duke University police website. Find at this address:</p>

<p>Duke</a> Police: News Archive</p>

<p>You will see the following headlines relating to east campus - all took place within the last year.</p>

<p>Jan 30: Three Duke students reported being robbed early Saturday at Ninth and Main streets.</p>

<p>Nov 17: Two Duke undergraduate students reported being robbed early Tuesday a block off East Campus.</p>

<p>On Tuesday, Sept. 22, at approximately 9:45 p.m., an armed robbery was reported by a student walking along Campus Drive near the East Campus Steam Plant.</p>

<p>On Tuesday, July 28, at approximately 11 p.m., an armed robbery was reported by a student near the service drive leading to the rear of the East Campus Union.</p>

<p>East Campus is safe, just use common sense. Durham is like your own little suburb. Would you walk around at 3am flashing an iPod? I think not. There's a couple of posts regarding safety in this thread: <a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/duke-university/894881-duke-student-s-taking-questions.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/duke-university/894881-duke-student-s-taking-questions.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

That was an easy rumor to kill</p>