Duke, JHU and Financial aid

<p>I know there are thousands of threads comparing Duke BME to JHU BME, so I'm not gonna ask the prestige factor and other useless attributes. The thing is, though I got into both, JHU is giving me a much much better financial aid package (8k family contribution vs. Duke's 25k family contribution, per year). What's the chance Duke may consider to give me more money, or even match JHU's offer? I am still very interested in Duke, and it is initially my first choice, but the money issue is making it very difficult for me to attend. If I contact the financial aid office, how should I approach communicating them so it doesn't sound like I'm making some sort of cheap bargain (though I sort of am lol)?</p>

<p>And any personal experience with either program would also help a lot. From what I've learned, it seems JHU BME is much more medical based than Duke BME, which is based more on classic engineering. How about the academic experience? Are the bme programs at both school as cutthroat as I've heard?</p>

<p>BME would be, I assume, cut-throat at both... Then again, if they accepted you, I'm sure they figure you can handle it.</p>

<p>Call in or email Duke's Finaid office. See if there's any way they can match JHU's offer..</p>

<p>(and if they can all the better for me. I'm waitlisted at JHU.. =P )</p>