Duke mathematics and other related items

<p>It seems really hard to do an extensive double major with only 34 courses. Also what is the idea behind the math major sequence doing multivariable then linearalgebra then rigorous single variable and then rigorous multivariable. why do they have you jumping all over the place with that, seems kind of dumb. does anyone else want to major in math/physics have any insight? i'm trying to decide between u of chicago and duke for these and need a lot of help, i'm torn.

<p>Math and physics are both very good here--there are some amazing students in the math department, as exhibited by Duke's performance in the Putnam over the last decade or so. However, the real decision here should be about environment. The difference between the type of kids and social scene/environment at Duke and Chicago is as great as that between night and day. To be honest, students here seem like 40X happier than those at UChicago. Most kids here would have rather hurt themselves than attend Chicago.</p>

<p>Is there anything more specific to be said about physics. Also do the trends in the math dept reflect graduate work and acceptance? Of course, Putnam success is very impressive.</p>

<p>bubbloy, I noted you visited Chicago and it was not your cup of tea but some of your points are why my son is at Chicago today. He simply believed the Math program at Chicago was presented much more clearly than at those at other universities. I'm not here to bash Duke because I think it's a great school and I really don't know all that much about Duke. My son had a pretty clear idea what he would be doing through his third year of Math at Chicago. During his Jr and Senior years he expects to be taking Graduate level Math classes from a faculty that is rated number 1 in the nation at the graduate level in the instruction of math. He also feels Chicago gives him the opportunity to grow in the study of math as far as he can take it. Maybe the clincher for him is that he wants to study theoretical math which is where Chicago truly excels. But to each his own. I'm sure Duke with it's great academic reputation will more than challenge you in obviously a warmer climate. Good luck!</p>

<p>what math track did your son start out at?</p>

<p>Honors Analysis- Which is not the norm.
Standard program is:
1st year Honors Calc - 3 quarter sequence
2nd year - Analysis - 3 quarter sequence (Honors if recommended)
3rd year - Linear Algebra - 3 quarter sequence (Honors if recommended)
My son for second year will be taking the Algebra course and another math three course sequence of his chooisng and maybe a third math class depending on how his schedule works and how much of the core he can complete.
As far as Physics is concerned I know that there is a class called Math for Physics Majors that is a real toughie. I saw the Honors Physcis book at Chicago and I was amazed. The book looked like all math formula's.<br>
Well Good luck to you. Go to school where you are most comfortable, where you think you fit in and where you can afford.</p>