Duke Online App-Tracking

<p>Is there any way to track the Duke app online? </p>

<p>This is really bad but my teachers submitted my rec to Duke before I gave them the Duke rec form...</p>

<p>yes there is
go here to the admissions website (<a href="http://www.admissions.duke.edu/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.admissions.duke.edu/&lt;/a&gt;)
then click on "login" on the right
then click "new user? register now."
Put in the access code you got in the mail because that's how they match your paper application to your online account (there will be a place for it on the form you use to register)
Then there should be a thing that says "check my status" or something
it worked last year, it should be the same...</p>

<p>Well when I logged in, it doesn't have a check my status thing. Hm...maybe I have to submit part 1 first. but thanks anyhow</p>

<p>yeah if you haven't submitted part 1 then they haven't opened a file for you... and hence you have no record...</p>

<p>Does this work with Common App too?</p>

<p>yeah it does. i used the common app last year and it worked</p>