Duke or UCLA Regents? Time is running out.

<p>I've been torn between Duke and UCLA as a Regents Scholar since early April. Duke is great, but Regents Scholarship gives 5500 a year, preferred parking and guaranteed housing and class choices. I always thought I would be able to decide after I visited both campuses, and I was leaning towards Duke before I visited, but after Blue Devil Days I am split 50-50 again. Everyone has their own opinion and I can get anything but a consensus on where to go. I like both schools so much that I have no idea how to decide. If it helps, I'm one of the thousand others who is planning on medical school, planning to major in sciences and business.</p>

<p>I have three days or so, so help me please...</p>

<p>been hearing so much of Duke in a few days. why not choose Duke.
i'm trying to see how i can get in there myself. do they give full rides?</p>

<p>go to Duke</p>

<p>DUke bah..........
come on, DUKE IS PRIVATE!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>they do give full rides</p>

<p>full rides for internationals?</p>

<p>they give full rides to 25 internationals per year</p>

DUke bah..........
come on, DUKE IS PRIVATE!!!!!!!!


<p>BEST. ARGUMENT. EVER. So is Bob Jones University, but you don't see too many students on these forums clamoring for a spot there, now do you?</p>

<p>Anyway, that's a tough one. The Regents is of course a great scholarship and offers you a hint of prestige (there is an "ooohhh" factor involved.)</p>

<p>Duke, however, is a fantastic university and has great programs. I see many Duke grads going to great graduate programs in a variety of fields, so it's not a tough choice there.</p>

<p>Location should matter her. What do you want in the surrounding area? UCLA preferred parking doesn't mean that you won't hate driving in West LA.</p>

BEST. ARGUMENT. EVER. So is Bob Jones University, but you don't see too many students on these forums clamoring for a spot there, now do you?


<p>it seems like that you didnot really realize what i meant...</p>

<p>i meant b/c Duke is ranked so high and a private university, you will get more personal attentions such as advising and research opportunities than in UCLA..</p>

<p>Okay, now you've made a much better case. Simply stating that Duke is a private is, however, not sufficient to adequately help the OP decide.</p>

<p>Yes, you will get much more personal advising at Duke, I'm sure. However, UCLA has a lot (A LOT) of research opportunities for undergrads that simply go untouched by unenterprising students.</p>

<p>I am a fan of the size of this school. 6500 seems just right.</p>

<p>about 10 % of my class of 400 from high school is at UCLA right now....some love it, but others are just overwhelmed by the lack of attention based on sheer numbers. regents might offset that a bit, but the reality is that you will be one person out of over well over 10K. Also, i don't know if you're out of state, but i didn't want to go to an extension of my high school (i.e. i wanted to go to school somewhere other than california - and i love being here on the east coast, travelling back home over break).</p>

<p>that being said, you will get the feeling of the rivalries (UCLA vs USC) and likely get a great education. Being from southern california myself, the weather is a plus, but i truly hate LA. Westwood/hollywood can be pretty awesome, but outside of that, i don't think LA has much to offer. </p>

<p>And to be honest, most of the people i know going to UCLA never could've gotten into Duke (though some definitely could've but chose to stay in state for financial reasons).</p>