Duke or warwick?

<p>I would major in Econ at Duke or would go for an Economics degree at Warwick, UK.
I ultimately want to work in the UK either in banking or go into Law after a conversion course. </p>

<p>Which would you pick and why?</p>

<p>Nobody does wth Warwick is. Just to clarify, you don't know what you will ultimately do, you know what you currently want to ultimately do. If you're from the US, just stick with Duke, presuming you've already got in. If you're going to be a senior or junior, then just wait a week until you have a new plan and then consider posting that on CC but then just wait another week until you have a new plan...all the way until you've actually been accepted to some places.</p>

<p>*nobody knows</p>

<p>I beg to differ. :)</p>

<p>What the hell is Warwick?</p>

<p>You know this is kinda something that has always puzzled me. The whole Duke vs. _______ question thread thing. I mean unless it's a well known school or program, chances are that most people on this board (especially those that go to Duke) will have little or no clue about the other place. This is especially true for international universities. Wouldn't it be better to just ask about Duke on this board then find out info about the other place from more knowledgeable sources then do a comparison yourself rather than asking someone else (who is probably biased or not knowledgeable) to do it for you?</p>

If this was Oxbridge or even LSE, I would have recommended going to UK (probably if Oxbridge, and MAY BE for LSE).
But Warwick?
no. I didn't go to a UK system school (so no A levels) and hence don't really know how hard it is to get into UK unis from UK, but for a student at an American system hs, Warwick is easier than going to schools like NYU. I think all you needed was like 3 AP exams with a score higher than a 4 by the time you apply to get into the Economics program at Warwick/UCL and other schools of similar tiers.</p>

<p>A couple of things to consider:</p>

<p>1) Degree structure - Duke requires a major that takes up about 1/3 of your courses. The other 2/3 of your courses are devoted to a second major, a minor or certificate (or two), or electives. T-Reqs mandates that you receive at least a semblance of a liberal arts education. Warwick, on the other hand, is much more focused on a single field. </p>

<p>2) Cost
[ul][<em>]If from the UK...Duke costs ~$50,000 a year. Tuition at Warwick is ~$4700 a year; adding housing and food brings the total cost up to about $9000-10,500 a year. Considering that Duke takes four years and Warwick three, finances heavily slant in Warwick's favor.
[</em>]If from the US...Warwick would be ~$20,000 per year, and airfare would be an added expense. Duke is much more generous with financial aid to domestic students than Warwick is to international students.[/ul]</p>

<p>3) Recognition - Warwick is well-known and respected in the UK, especially for econ. Duke is equally respected but not as well-known. Since you plan to work in the UK, this may be a significant factor.</p>