<p>So I just got the email about setting up portal and everything, but when I check my status, it says everything is incomplete except the supplement. I submit the common app and the supplement the 24th and everything else months ago. Is anyone else having this problem?</p>


<p>So basically you submitted your commonapp and supplement on Christmas Eve and everything else before that? </p>

<p>I believe Duke's policy is to not officially open a file for you until you either submit a CommonApp or the Duke supplement. So probably no official item status will be entered until you have an open file to enter them into. It doesn't mean your prior stuff didn't count but they'll have to be reassociated with your file (or rather, your unofficial file will probably be relabeled as officially yours). </p>

<p>If this is true and you submitted the CommonApp and the supplement on Christmas Eve, then you'll need to sit tight and wait until people come back from the break and process it. Give it a week or two (or more since it will be crunch time in about a week). </p>

<p>On an unrelated note, I found your CC username to be amusing since I actually know a Ben Wang and he would totally make a username like that :D</p>

<p>It should take two-three weeks for everything to be processed.</p>