Duke Pratt Chances

<p>[ *] College (Trinity, Pratt, etc.): Pratt Economics
[ *] SAT:800 CR 740 M 800 W - 2340 Single Sitting
[ *] SAT IIs (if sent): Math 2 - 800 Chem - 750 Literature - 750
[ *] ACT:N/A
[ *] UM unweighted GPA: 3.96 (just one B my three years)
[ *] Rank: N/A (non ranking school)
[ *] Other stats: Early Entrance College Program (wiki it) All classes are dual credit/college.
[ *] Subjective (ECs, special circumstances, etc): I've got a strong business focus in my extracurriculars. I participated in DECA and FBLA in my high school (creating DECA) - and after attaining presidencies in both my senior year - rather than keep them to show that I have more officer positions - I consolidated them into an overarching business club so that the organizations would run more efficiently. I also created our first Economics Society that managed to place first in the state for the Texas Econ Challenge and qualify for the Nat'l Econ Challenge in NYC. I've got quite a few misc. state/regional awards in both DECA/FBLA and one-two national ones. My hobby is mostly paper trading - and I've managed to beat the S&P index for the past 3 years (mostly ETFs and not indv. stocks). Apart from that I hold a community service coordinator. position in an Engineering org. that does science demos for elementary students in the community. A few misc awards in science such as state science olympiad/science bowl and some chemistry summer research.
[ *] Essays: Pretty decent I suppose
[ *] Teacher Recs: Weak (since my teachers are professors at my University, and we're in 200 student lecture halls - I don't know them that well)
[ *] Counselor Rec: Weak - (Same reason as above)
[ *] Hook (legacy, recruited athlete, etc.): None
[ *] State or Country: Texas
[ *] School Type:Public - Early Entrance College Program
[ *] Ethnicity:South Asian (India) ):
[ *] Gender: Male
[ *] major strength/weakness: Standardized testing, Business emphasis. Weaknesses - teacher/counselor recommendation.
[ *] Other Factors/questions: How important are teacher recs for Duke?</p>

<p>Pratt Economics? Or Pratt AND economics? Pratt is the engineering school.
I'm not so much into guessing chances but yes, teacher recs are important without a doubt. If you're not close to any teachers you may consider having a mentor or boss write at letter for you.</p>

<p>Sorry, I meant to write Trinity, but wrote Pratt for some reason instead. </p>

<p>Does Duke require teacher recommendation from teachers or can they be from research professors instead?</p>

<p>Duke does require recommendations from teachers (2 I believe), but also welcomes additional recommendations from other adults (not relatives obviously) who can offer a different perspective.</p>

<p>Teacher recs are impo because they give insight about the student which cannot be portrayed sometimes through the essays. So it is important and at times can make or break your application. Make sure you give recs to good teachers, and pick 3 or 4 teachers because you can send like up to 5 recs through common app I believe. Your application is better than average I would say. Make sure to show the best aspect about you, and your tests are fine. I would work on "professionalizing" your EC's. That's all I got, PM me if you have more q's. trd123</p>

<p>You're a solid, solid candidate. Why wouldn't you be with those stats and resume?</p>