Duke? Stanford? both reg...

<p>Live in NC, actually in Durham, my mom works for Duke as a nurse, so i get tuition benefit. I'm an asian (parents chinese), but born in the US, go to a local public school</p>

GPA: 4.732 (w) 3.679 (nw me = stupid frosh)
Class Rank: 19/394 (top 5%)
- Eng I Hnrs 92
- Spanish III Hnrs 89
- Precalc Hns 87 (blargH)
- Biology I hns 96
- Civics 95
- Band I 97
- Eng II hnrs 93
- Spanish IV hnrs 91
- AP statistics 92 > 4 on AP
- Physics I hnrs - 94
- World Hist hnrs - 98
- Band II - 97
- Eng III hnrs 96
- AP Spanish V 95 > 3 on AP
- AP BC Calc 84 > 4 on BC, 5 on AB
- AP Physics 95 > 5 on C:mech
- AP US hist 97 > 5
- Band III hns 98
Senior (1st quarter)
- AP eng IV 93
- AP Euro Hist 95
- AP Env. Sci 94
- AP Psych 100
- Band IV hnrs 100
- Jazz Combo 100</p>

<p>SAT I: 780(m)710(w)
SAT II: US Hist (770) Spanish (680) IIC(predict 700s) Writing (700s)</p>

- Youth Volunteering awards 3x (100+ hours a summer)
- Duke Young Volunteer 4x (100+ hours a summer)
- 4 yrs research with Carolina Cord Blood Bank
- 3 yrs research with Duke University Medical Center on Placental Stem cells
- National Honor Society
- Spanish Honor Society
- 3 yrs Outstanding Musical Achievement
- President of Band (4 yrs in it)
- Jazz Band (3yrs)
- Pit Orchestra (2yrs)
- Chess Club (3yrs)
- Book Club
- Science Club (2yrs)
- United Nations Club (2yrs)
- 9 years Piano (7 yrs nationally and/or regionally recognized)</p>

Washington University in St. Louis

<p>Thanks for the help, I know I need some.</p>

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<p>Tag this onto EC:</p>

<p>Marching Band (3yrs, it only does 10-12th)
Quiz Bowl (2yrs)
Hi IQ (1 yr)</p>

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<p>Perhaps I shouldn't be the one to reply. After all, I cannot offer too much insight. However, I can give you an unbiased opinion. First of all, your SAT scores are good enough for any of the colleges on your list. Further, even though your GPA is below average, your class rank shows that you are in a fairly tough high school, and since you are in the top ten percent, you have no worries there. Also, your volunteer work is outstanding. The only chink in your proverbial armor is your lack of leadership. Still, the only school where you may experience a serious negative effect from this is Stanford and maybe Northwestern. Thus, in my opinion, you have a very good chance of going wherever you want. Happy Applying and a Merry Essay Writing Extravaganza.</p>

<p>hmm... thanks. Point of confusion, you mean lack of leadership in that i don't do any sports and am a leader in those things? B/c being a president of a 200 person organization isn't really being a leader? </p>

<p>well thanks anyways...</p>

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<p>Excellent chance everywhere, except Stanford, in which you only have a decent chance.</p>

<p>Your chances would be greatly improved though, if the 700s you listed are in the 780s range.</p>

<p>And don't worry about the leadership thing. Being the president of a 200 member organization is awesome.</p>

<p>You'll probably get in everywhere except stanford. UNC is a safety for you (in state, great stats)</p>

<p>another question:</p>

<p>Stanford wise, am I just not as great as a lot of the other applicants, or do not have any chance?</p>

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<p>mmm bad news...</p>

<p>IIC = 720 (although i didn't study, i'm still disappointed)
Writing = 620! I'll retake, but that score makes me want to cry.</p>

<p>come on anyone?</p>

<p>Strong EC's and academics. Get your writing scoer up and you'll have a great chance anywhere. Good luck! BTW, are you applying early to any of these?</p>

<p>unfortunately no. My "college counselor" AKA class counselor of 400 has been facing a lot of heat from parents about my school changing to block scheduling, and thus she has only been able to finish the couselor rec for NU. I mean, i'm mad that she screwed over any EA/ED chance, but I respect the work she has to go through.</p>

<p>Bah, that 620 really makes me sad.</p>

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