Duke TIP Creative Writing: Ghost Valley

<p>Has anyone done the Writer's Craft Creative Writing program offered by Duke TIP? It is the one set in Ghost Valley. It seems pretty cool, with intense writing courses. Does anyone know how it compares to other programs?</p>

<p>Also I'm open to any recommendations on Creative Writing summer programs.</p>

<p>About</a> – Alpha SF/F/H Workshop for Young Writers</p>


<p>About</a> the Program — Reynolds Writing Program</p>


<p>Creative</a> Writer's Workshop -- Youth Programs -- Duke Continuing Studies</p>


<p>Young</a> Writers' Camp -- Youth Programs -- Duke Continuing Studies</p>

<p>here are some other writing camps. Also, pretty much anything with Duke TIP is good. I only heard of one student hating their TIP class one summer...and even so they still had a blast at TIP!</p>


<p>You missed the University of Iowa deadline (very selective) but you still have time to apply for Kenyon Young Writers Workshop, UVA Young Writers Workshop, and Sewanee Young Writers Conference. There's a thread a few pages back on creative writing summer programs-- look for that.</p>

<p>Thanks to both of you! That helps!</p>