DUKE trinity vs. Pratt? Explain?

<p>What is the difference between Trinity and Pratt? I want to go to Duke and major in Biology and minor in Theater Studies...where would I apply? Also, can you change once you are there, like switch from Pratt to Trinity? And Which is easier to get into!</p>

<p>Also, do you think I'll get in? (Don't have to answer...first part more important!)</p>

<p>GPA: 4.2-4.3, SATs unknown (taking them in March, April, and June)
7 or 8 credits of AP's, 12 credits of honors classes.
ECs and Awards: I won a few language awards for french (I think 5 so far?), did Varsity swimming as a freshman, started a community service group raising $10,000 that is becoming a club next year, took part in another community service group, part of Physics Club, Math Club, Women in STEM Club, French Club, did a fundraiser of Haiti, sang set list at a charity event for years in a row, did a Harvard ELO Program, created a documentary on homelessness from my community service group, and took part in nine different theater shows in HS so far, and am now starting to do community theater as well. I am also in Math Honors Society, French Honors Society and National Honors Society. I have really good teacher recommendations, hope to go to the Advanced Studies Program at Saint Paul's this summer(a 5-week over the summer academic program), and I have over 400 hours of community service. I also received a Tutor of the Week award and National Tutor of the Month award for a national tutoring thing that I do for Calculus. I know that Duke is very hard to get into and my chances aren't great, but I was just wondering if you thought I could get in or not! I don't care about criticism, I just want the honest truth. Please let me know if you think I have a chance of getting in! :) Thanks to everyone who replies!</p>

<p>pratt is the engineering school. you want to apply to trinity. you can switch from pratt to trinity and vice versa, but I don't think that's relevant for you because you clearly don't want to do engineering.</p>

<p>awesome, thanks!</p>