Duke vs. Belmont

<p>What a close game! Thank goodness Duke won because I had them winning further on in my March Madness bracket. :D</p>

<p>Ok. .</p>

<p>You and 99% of the bracket-filling population</p>

<p>Haha...yeah I have them going into the elite 8...</p>

<p>lol...i have them winning it all</p>

<p>god they better get far....</p>



<p>That was one of the most exciting games ever. I had them going to the finals so if they had lost i would have been screwedd. But yeah, on facebook it said 99.6% picked Duke, that would have been funny if they had lost.</p>

<p>We were there--have had tickets for months, just didn't know what teams would be playing. Our Dukie son came up for the game, and it was one of the most nerve-wracking ones I've ever seen! It didn't help that all the WVU and U of Ariz. fans were cheering wildly for Belmont--people love to cheer against Duke!
But they got the W!!</p>

<p>I was there too and it was ridiculous. Belmont couldn't do much else but shoot, yet they were still close the entire time. By the middle of the second half, the stadium got what was going on and was going absolutely nuts. And it wasn't just cheering against Duke, but also for a 15 to upset a 2.</p>

<p>Sheed30, i'm a fan of the blue devils too, but until they get someone down low other than singler and stop "living and dying" by the 3 ball, Duke really isnt a top 4 or 5 team.</p>

<p>no way dook will make it all the way. If they dont lose to wvu, they'll lose to xu, and if they don't lose to xu they will lose to ucla. I kind of wish they would make it to the final four, so they could lose to unc. dook is the only team i hate more than unc.</p>

<p>It's "Duke", not "Dook". You NC State and UNC fans think you're so clever don't you.</p>

<p>NC State is trash...in so many ways</p>

<p>what's the point in coming on the duke boards just to insult duke? you must know nobody's actually going to care about what you believe. rather, we simply question your intelligence.</p>

<p>I picked Duke to lose to WV and I have UNC winning my bracket. Does this preemptive act of perfidy make me unfit to go to Duke?</p>

<p>wolfpack, Duke would have to make the championship game to face off against UNC in the tournament. You must have a great grip on your bracket.</p>

<p>I was there too. Coach K was pretty sick on Thurs., but Duke played well in spite of it. Belmont has some very good players; their two guards were outstanding. The crowd was pretty quiet in the first half, but was very supportive of Belmont in the second. Remember the game was played in DC, which is Terps territory. There were a lot of Maryland fans in the section where I sat, and they showed their true colors by getting behind Belmont. Today it's going to be WVU and their fans outshouting the Duke fans. Should be a great game!</p>

wolfpack, Duke would have to make the championship game to face off against UNC in the tournament


<p>I said final four instead of championship game...big deal.</p>

<p>And i'll spell dook correctly when they when a few football games.</p>

what's the point in coming on the duke boards just to insult duke?


<p>I don't come on the duke boards just to insult duke. I am considering attending Duke and I have a lot of respect for the school. This is athletics. Don't get bent out of shape about trash talk.</p>

<p>I'll be cheering for West Virginia</p>

<p>so will the other "esteemed denizens" that call West Virginia home. When they lose, they can take consolation in the fact that their school is the #1 party school, as well as the biggest joke of a state university east of the Mississippi.</p>

<p>i have duke and unc in the finals...and duke winning it all. Go DUKE!!!!</p>

<p>Let's not kid ourselves.</p>

<p>We played terribly against Belmont, and we better step it up.</p>