Duke vs. Georgetown

I am transferring as a junior next semester.
My major would be International Politics at Georgetown SFS or International Comparative Studies at Duke.
My minor would be Entrepreneurship at Georgetown or Economics at Duke.

I am a community college student. I had an internship at a Consulate and at the House of Representatives. I am very involved on campus. I like to pursue leadership positions and do volunteering. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

I love both schools. If I could, I would go to both because each one seems so different than the other in a great way. My passion is to learn about other countries and American diplomacy. My goal is to start an NGO that advances human rights in my homeland country in Latin America. I am still exploring what I want to do right after undergrad in the US. I am interested in the Foreign Service, ACLU and the UN, to acquire more experience before going to my country.

I am not sure if these two institutions would be considered the same when applying to internships, scholarships, grad school and jobs. I plan to pursue an internship in the Department of State, the Senate and an NGO. I would love to receive a Fulbright scholarship or a program that allows me to research abroad. I also want to have a graduate degree. I don’t know when or on what, but probably on Human Rights or International Law.

I don’t know if GU or Duke is better in giving its students research and study abroad opportunities. These two are a priority for me. Sadly, I heard that junior transfer students have to spend 4 semesters at GU campus. But having professors with field experience is very important to me, and it seems that GU is better at this.

And finally, I would love to live on campus. That would only be possible at Duke, because I live near GU with my family. I know that academics and opportunities are important, but I want to enjoy my last two years of undergrad. I am shy at first, but I love socializing, so I think that Duke will give more chances to be involved. As in GU, I would have to be away from campus at the end of the day. Although, I love how diverse and welcoming GU is.

Thank you for your help!! I would appreciate any advice and insight from you!!

Your near term career / internship objectives (US Foreign Service) may be unlikely if you are not a US citizen.

Better major at GU, better minor (economics) at Duke.

If cost is not a significant consideration, then the Duke University experience may be better for your development since you would be living in student dorms away from your parents’ home.

But, for your career objectives, Georgetown University may offer more relevant courses and majors.