<p>Ok so i know this is really hard.....but opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated (if you're up to the challenge hahah)</p>

<p>what are you planning to major in? if you care about diversity and lack (or less of) cliques, norcal weather, and the occassional trip to SF, then def. stanford (i think it's campus is prettier too).</p>

<p>I hate to break this to you, but Stanford and Duke are fairly similar in terms of social life (other than Duke has more frats). Stanford and Duke are much, much more similar than, say, Stanford and Princeton.</p>

<p>taurustorus: the plan is to major in psychology/cognitive science/psychiatry (still not sure whether to go phd or md route--though theres the program where you can get both in 6 years ,but yeah thats off topic).</p>

<p>Stanford, especially for psychology. They're building a new SEQ (science & eng. quad) which will make Stanford the premier university in America. The psych dept is to be a part of it, as I understand it. It'll be completed while you're there. As terrific as Duke is, it's still not Stanford.</p>

<p>Wouldn't it be nice if every college could build a new science building and become the premier university in America? Sorry, I'm getting sarcastic, but...that seemed a little ambitious of a statement.</p>

<p>Stanford is already the premier university in America.</p>

<p>Disagree, Duke has spent big money on new science/engineering buildings. A Duke alum also gave big money for a science building at Stanford. Duke also has more school pride-higher alumni giving rate. Both are great schools.</p>

<p>Jedipsohn, it was not an ambitious statement, but factual. Stanford's not building one building, but creating a new quad with at least six buildings. And rooster08, you do have a point. </p>

<p>And Par72, yes both Duke & Stanford are great schools. However, to repeat, as terrific as Duke is, it's still not Stanford.</p>

<p>Go with Stanford.</p>

<p>well, stanford has 25 % asians, while duke has like 12.5% asians.</p>

<p>If asians bother you, than go to Duke</p>

<p>duke cant touch stanford</p>

<p>Stanford is by all accounts more prestigious, so are you torn because you feel you should want to go to Stanford but you really want to go to Duke? If so, go to Duke.</p>

<p>i dont know if stanford will become the premier university in america (certainly not just with science alone... if it does, i think its location on the west coast/closer to china can play a big role, just like its location near the silicon valley did earlier)... anyway, stanford psychology is exceptional.</p>

<p>greenshirt: </p>

<p>i don't know if i'd agree with you entirely. they are both highly exceptionalschools...i honestly don't know whether stanford is more prestigious. i have heard that duke's med program is truly formidable, as is stanfords undergrad (to be specific). the resources, staff, campus and reputations are both class A....i just can't decide...agh</p>

<p>Stanford for sure. Similar quality of life and its in Cali!</p>


<p>As far as med programs are concerned, Stanford is among the best in the world. Duke, I'm afraid, while good, again can't compare to Stanford.</p>

<p>Okay, this "can't compare" trolling is making me ornery. Duke Med School has been ranked higher than Stanford for years (current ranking Duke #6, Stanford #8). Yes, Stanford is a, if not "the", premier research university, but I think Duke treats its undergrads better--and its undergrad focus will be getting even stronger because the new Prez (former dean of Yale college) has named it a priority. Durham may not all be pretty, but at least it has CHARACTER. Palo Alto is an antiseptic, Stepford village. And better a gothic wonderland than a, yes, Taco Bell industrial park. Go Blue Devils.</p>

<p>well, STANFORD IS WAYYYYY more prestigous than Duke in Asia, honestly.</p>

<p>I know that you may not care about the prestige in Asia, maybe u'll never go/work there, but I'm just offering what I know.</p>

<p>in US, i dont know</p>