Duke vs Trinity College, Cambrigde

<p>After a few days of torment, I've decided to seek counsel from the more experienced people at CC</p>

<p>To begin with, I've been awarded one of the merit scholarships at Duke. I've also got a full ride at Trinity College Cambridge. I'm a Eastern European interested in majoring in Computer Science, but definitely taking a double major with Economy if I pick Duke.
Here are some of Duke's pros and cons (at least in my eyes). Please comment and add any you might think of</p>


<p>Interdisciplinary studies - double major, LA character, merit program support...
Being able to immerse into collegiate life much more than at Cambridge, where a lot of breaks and (relative) home proximity, in addition to many of my friends going there, could deter me from socializing with other students...
Getting used to America earlier, since I'll surely end up in the US for my graduate studies...</p>


<p>First and foremost, prestige. I believe Trinity's prestige is second to none in the Western world(perhaps Harvard). Although some may say it's not important, it's not negligible as well...
Secondly, the Computer Science program is stronger at Cambridge. However, it is extremely focused on CS and will turn me into a computer scientist or a programmer, not someone who uses his analytical skills to be able to complement his leadership skills.. I welcome ANY objections to this argument, as I'm not dead set about it, and this is something that will eventually make or break my decision.</p>

<p>Honestly, I'm currently leaning towards Duke. Yesterday, I was dead set about Cambridge... I hope you guys will be able to help me choose! Add any arguments you may think of!</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>If you want to go into academia, then Trinity at Cambridge should be the clear choice. If you want to go into investment banking (especially on Wall Street) and consulting, then Duke would have a slight edge even against the most prestigious college at Cambridge. If money isn't an issue, I think you would have a much more enjoyable time at Duke.</p>

<p>I didn't read your entire post thoroughly, but did you mentioned you wanted to go on Wall Street/London equivalent?</p>

<p>Duke has obviously a stronger presence in the US/NYC, but they don't have the term "Oxbridge" in Europe for no reason... it's Cambridge... it will open doors in UK/Europe... I guess depending where you want to end up location wise after uni...</p>

<p>Overall Prestige: Cambridge >> Duke</p>

<p>Accessibility to WS: Duke > Cambridge</p>

<p>Quality of Education: Cambridge > Duke</p>

<p>IB Placement in Europe: Cambridge >>> Duke</p>

<p>IB Placement in WS: Duke > Cambridge</p>

<p>I was also accepted to both universities about a decade ago and I chose Cambridge. But it was not at Trinity College.</p>

<p>Well, it truly depends on what you want to do after getting a BA. If your plan is to head right to the job market in the US, then, despite Duke and Cambridge are truly not in the same league, Duke maybe is the better choice. But, if you want to do an MA and/or a PhD, then even if you are planning to do than in the States, Cambridge is the far better choice – you will have the Oxbridge reputation, and that’s something really hard to beat, and truly impossible for a student from Duke.
If you’re planning to work in the EU, then also Cambridge is the best choice, because it’s not just have the superb prestige, but the alumni connections too. </p>

<p>In overall, I recommend to go to Cambridge for an undergrad, and then you still can go to the US for grad. If this is the case (I mean you want to do grad studies as well), a Cambridge degree in hand bear a great weigh when you will apply to a top US grad school. Also, the CS is Cambridge is damm good – but I do not have many information about Duke’s program, that’s true.</p>

<p>Cambridge will not give any additional advantage for top grad school (PhD). PhD admissions are number (GRE & GPA) and undergraduate research driven. Cambridge doesn't give a student advantage in either of those over Duke.
Wall Street's recruiting is driven by alumni networks, thus Duke has a significant advantage over Cambridge. If you go to Cambridge, it would be very hard for you to get into a BB on WS.</p>

<p>You may not familiar with American college system. This is after May 1. I am sure you have put a deposit at Duke already. If so, you are not allowed to double deposit at Cambridge. By doing so, if Duke should find out, you could be at risk of losing your admittance.</p>