Duke vs. UC Berkeley NEED ADVICE PLS!!

so I got waitlisted from Duke. and they called me today that they can give me an OFFER!!
i should be excited, but i don't know. i'm now in UC Berkeley. being here for my freshman year was not a great but not that bad experience. and i have a job and get familiar with the campus now. so i'm hesitating if i should transfer... </p>

<p>okay, so my concerns about duke are that it's not near a big city. so is it hard to find internship? and is the econ major good there? or it's better in berkeley?
if i stay in berkeley, i'll apply for the business school and double major in math, i think</p>

<p>should i go? i got a week to think about it... pls gimme some advice. thx (:</p>

<p>Cant go wrong either way. While it may not be in a big city, you wont have any trouble finding internships. Also, remember why is was that you wanted to transfer in the first place?</p>

<p>I see you've already cross posted on the individual school forums. I'd say since you need input quickly, also post on the Search and Selection forum since they get a lot of traffic there and your answers there might not be as biased as on the individual schools.</p>

<p>in my opininon Berkley>Duke</p>

<p>entomom, thanks for ur suggestion. </p>

<p>isaacM, why you prefer berkeley?</p>

<p>definitely disagree with isaac. duke > berkeley. by a long shot.</p>

definitely disagree with isaac. duke > berkeley. by a long shot.


what if he's in Haas? they get better recruiting right?</p>

<p>I'd go with Duke.</p>

<p>Duke as the much stronger network for top jobs in business.</p>

<p>I would go to Haas over Duke.</p>

<p>Go to Duke. Becuase of the budget cuts in Cali, you are sure to have some of the classes cut and it may take you at least 5 years to graduate. I have had a few friends who are "super seniors" - have been seniors for TWO years becuase just ONE of their classes were cut....the Cali budget sucks.</p>